What is the Hello Kitty Story?

Hello Kitty StoryA lot of girls – both young and not-so-young like Hello Kitty. Just recently, during hubby’s Highschool friends get-together, one of his friends asked why Hello Kitty does not have a mouth. That got me thinking and I need to satisfy my curiosity and thank goodness the big G always have the answer to every possible question.

So what is the Hello Kitty story? There’s an urban legend that says Hello Kitty was designed to worship the devil. According to the legend, there was a Chinese woman who has a teenage daughter with mouth cancer. She went through various churches to pray for the recovery of her child. She felt really hopeless because her child is not getting any better, so she made a pact with the devil to heal her child. The devil agreed, but with one condition. She needs to create a character that will appeal to every child and will serve as representation of the devil. Thus, Hello Kitty came to life, but she didn’t put a mouth on Hello Kitty because of the mouth cancer that her daughter once had. Also, according to the legend, Hello Kitty means Hello Demon in Chinese. The ears of Hello Kitty represent the demon’s horns. The worshipers of the devil refer to Hello Kitty as the “daughter of the devil”.

Scary story isn’t it? Good thing these things are nothing but myths. Hello Kitty was created by Japanese company Sanrio and it was designed by Yuko Shimizu.  Hello Kitty was designed without a mouth to give her ambiguous emotions. The designer want people to project their own feelings to the character. So if you feel happy, Hello Kitty is also happy and whenever you feel sad, she will feel the same way too. Another reason why Hello Kitty does not have a mouth because “she speaks from the heart” and it encompasses all language barriers.

The real story behind Hello Kitty is that she is not associated with devil worshipers or any satanic rituals. Hello Kitty is a symbol of friendship and she encourage friendship all over the world. Now that you know what is the Hello Kitty story, feel free to tell your friends about it.


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