Operation Tuli 2013

operation tuli 2013

Here in the Philippines, summer time is “tuli” time.  Last April 20, the Free and Accepted Masons of Jose Abad Santos Memorial Lodge 333 spearheaded the “Operation Tuli 2013″. Together with the Order of Demolays of V. Bunao Chapter and in cooperation with the teachers and Principal of Juliana Elementary School in City of San Fernando, Pampanga ; the Operation Tuli 2013 took place.

I witnessed my two teenage boys got circumcised when they were still 8 years old. However, it was my first time to attend and assist in the Operation Tuli. The initial target was to make 35 boys into “men”, but the whole team was ready for maximum of 50 young boys.

operation tuli

At first,there were only few people on the list but as the day progressed the number of boys continue to increase. We went beyond the target and even surpassed the maximum – I think there were 60 young boys turned into “men”. There were still a lot of them on the list, unfortunately we were no longer able to circumcise the rest of the boys.

It was a wonderful and overwhelming experience to help the needy people. Aside from free circumcision, the young boys were also given antibiotics and pain relievers good for the whole week. We just need to remind them that they should not lift or carry something heavy like the auto lifts at best buy auto equipment because it may have an adverse effect on the circumcision.

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  1. How were your boys after the tuli? The idea of tuli has always made me cringe. When I was pregnant with my youngest, I worried about him getting circumcised. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted him to get it, but it just sounded so painful. Good thing the doctor in the naval hospital circumcised him while he was still a newborn. At least he wouldn’t remember it.
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    • MommyLes says:

      Hi cheng! Thanks for dropping by. My boys were okay after their tuli..the youngest one is scheduled to have his next year. It’s an even worth remembering for them :)

  2. Lesley, Many thanks for helping with this most important step in these boys life! Your help in volunteering helps bring this event to sterile conditions which is much safer for these boys. My close friend also volunteers at Tuli and was trained to perform the procedure for the boys. She also enjoys helping with this event and has said that she wishes every woman could experience this wonderful feeling of making boys into fine young men. Women like you are all heros! Thank You!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks to you for helping all the boys!! Women like you make Operation Tuli a success each year!

  4. We males are very grateful to these brave women for their volunteer work for us. Thanks, Ladies! You are so wonderful!

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